Stay Tuned

List #2 will be up before 21 October 2011!



Visit Vienna or Prague.
Preferably both!
Visit Roxane in France.
It makes me really happy that Roxy and I have kept in touch for the four years we haven't seen each other, but I'd love to go back to France and seeing Roxane is a really good incentive for me to put some heavy thought into it.
Visit Esmerlin in the Dominican Republic.
Esmerlin is my sponsor child, and I'd love to go to the Dominican anyway, so this is another twofer!
Visit Natosha and Gavin in Saskatchewan.
Natosha is almost like a big sister or a cool fun aunt to me, and I really miss her and her son. I'd love to go spend a week with them.
Visit Edmonton with Kelsey.
Oh dear. I live in Edmonton now.
Finally compile the France travelogue.
I've been meaning to turn my France journals and blog into a book for ages. I'd love to actually do it.


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Finish a short story or other piece of fiction.

I wrote a story called Stability. It still needs to be edited heavily, but it has a beginning, middle and end, and I can easily say it's 'finished'. This is the first short story NOT for school that I've ever written - and finished.

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Donate blood.
Read 'Suite Francaise'

Done and done! I actually gave blood on the 13th of November. It went fairly well. I almost passed out after so they gave me some soup and called me a cab, which was nice because it was really cold and I had a headache and had not dressed for the weather.
Suite Francaise was a beautiful, beautiful book. I was so sad when it was over, because you could so clearly see where she had planned for the characters to go. (Irene Nemirovsky planned for Suite Francaise to be like a symphony in five movements, but she died when only the first two were finished). And yet it doesn't seem unfinished or hurried. It's beautiful. I liked the second 'book', Dolce, better, but I suspect the first, Storm in June, is better from a historical point of view - she doesn't miss any detail of the mass exodus from Paris. Oh, it's good. I highly recommend reading it.

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Buy a set of impractical underwear, just to say I own it.

Done! I just remembered that I had bought the top half before the list was made, and I recently bought a bottom half. They're so cute, goodness me. 
Now I need to start doing some of the HARD stuff on this list.


Go camping, in a tent, for at least two nights.
It just occurred to me that I have, in fact, done this at grub camp. I guess I have to do it again, though. But why? I did it once!
Go parasailing.
This might be hard with the 'fear of falling' thing, and that's why I want to do it. It would be nice to do in, like, Hawaii. 
Swim with dolphins.
A Ring of Endless Light turned me on to this idea. I know the dolphins aren't going to communicate with me using only their minds...but I'd like to swim with them anyway.
Take a self-defense course.
Especially with the Sketchy!Walk between me and work, I think this is becoming more and more of a good idea.
Attend a school sporting event. Cheer.
Hip hip for Les Centurions, the Golden Bears or the Pandas. Eh? Let's have some school spirit. I almost did this yesterday but I was too tired...sorry Craig.
Go snorkeling.
Apparently, I just want to go to the beach.
Learn to figure skate backwards.
The boy said he would teach me this. I would like to demonstrate some capacity for spatial awareness/athletic ability.
Kayak at least once in a real lake.

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One month, no television.

Done! It makes it a lot easier that I don't have a TV at residence, except in the salon; but I never go out there anyway, so there we go. 
I have done a lot of reading - and a LOT of Facebook - instead.